Howlr moderation 101

Moderation is not an easy task: you have to be fair and consistent while trying your best to protect everybody from abusive behavior. As Howlr was growing we started building tools to help us moderate the hundreds of new profile that are created everyday. Let me show you how it works!

Profile pictures

As you certainly know, NSFW and offensive pictures aren't allowed on the public part of Howlr and we remove any picture that break this rule. We have to comply with Apple's and Google's content policies and we absolutly want to keep Howlr safe for everybody. Of course this rule only applies for public pictures, you are free to send whatever you want in private messages.

Our way of moderating pictures is the simplest you can imagine: a picture and a few options. If you take a look at the screenshot of our moderation interface you'll probably notice that the name of the poster is not displayed anywhere and that's on purpose: all informations that are not essential to the task are hidden. The picture is also sent to our moderation telegram channel with the exact same informations and options. Also please keep in mind we only moderate public pictures. Everything you send in private is out of our reach.

And what about TOS violations? Well NSFW pictures aren't the only forbidden content on Howlr, we will also remove offensive content (racist, transphobic, homophobic, etc) as well as advertisement.

Profile pictures

Sometimes you find someone on Howlr that you think is breaking the rules, in this case you can report them to our moderation team. The first step is to check if the user is really breaking a rule, if it's not the case nothing happens and the report is discarded, however if the report is accepted there are several actions we can take depending on the circumstances:

– On first offense the problematic parts of the profile are usually removed and nothing more happens. However on some occasions we may decide to ban a user for a limited period of time or permanently, even on first offense.

– If a user repeatedly breaks our policy we usually ban them permanently.

– Minors are permanently banned and can have their ban lifted after they turn 18.

As usual we only show the informations that are strictly necessary for the moderation task: i.e. the public profile informations of the reported user and their telegram username to reach them in case we need more informations. Informations about the user who send the report aren't displayed since they aren't necessary.