Howlr, a non-profit organization.

Here you will find all the information you need about Howlr as a French organization.

What is the Howlr organization?

It is a non-profit organization under the French law of 1901.

It provides a legal status and frame to Howlr making it an organization where it is not allowed for its board to receive any salary out of its activity.

Why make Howlr a non-profit organization?

This allows us to formalize and officialize on legal levels all of our activity.

It allows us to receive donations and use those for the sole purpose of serving the organization’s activity.

It binds us legally to provide an annual financial statement to show that the money we receive is reinjected in the application.

Why does Howlr need donations?

Howlr's costs in bandwidth, servers and various API’s necessary to run it range between $100 and $160.. Per month.

Since we have a very strict policy against ads and premium services, donations are the only way we can hope to cover some of those costs.

Where does the money go?

Every donation is stuck on an account on the name of Howlr, and per the status of the organization, anything that comes out of this account must serve the purpose of the organization.

Every cent will go straight to paying the running bills of Howlr.

What if the donations exceed the running costs?

In this case, all we are allowed to do with that money is let it sit until it can serve the app.

We will make sure that the donation campaigns are timed in ways that will not make your donation sit there for a while.